Family Medicine Residency Program


Our research vision is to develop and sustain a nurturing and productive environment that fosters independent researchers as well as collaborative teams for addressing clinical methodological issues in primary care community-based research. The Department of Family Medicine is recognized for its community-based and primary care research programs (e.g., immunizations, health of adolescent mothers, and educational research). Our faculty are involved in investigator-initiated and as collaborators in interdisciplinary research.


Our projects usually are conducted by one of our research teams. Community immunization projects are carried out by the immunization research team (PittVax ), headed by Richard K. Zimmerman, MD, MPH, MS. Community-based research carried out by the Center for Primary Care Community Based Research, headed by Jeanette South-Paul, MD. Many of the ongoing projects focus on barriers to care in the health and healthcare disparities that result. Successful community-oriented projects result from an infrastructure that increases the community interest, identifies in cooperates with community leaders, and targets conditions are playing the most underserved in our region.