Our research vision is a nurturing and productive environment that fosters independent researchers and collaborative teams to address primary care, public health and community issues such as vaccine effectiveness, computational modeling for cost-effectiveness, and immunization policy; health of adolescent mothers; and genetics-based precision medicine. Research involves collaborators in the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, Immunology, Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), Epidemiology, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, Healthy Policy and Management, among others. 

Immunization research projects are carried out by PittVax, headed by Richard K. Zimmerman, MD, MPH and Dr. Mary Patricia Nowalk, PhD, RD. Dr. Mylynda Massart spearheads the precision medicine studies including the All of Us Pennsylvania Precision Medicine project and the Pitt+Me Discovery Bioba. Dr. John Maier coordinates student research and implementation science work through the CTSI.  Dr. Jeannette South-Paul (emerita) is completing work on woman’s contraceptive choices and overseeing her program to support teen mothers